July 20 2019 01:36:25

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W&Team The Social Cooperative

"The Laboratory" is the new place in which are created ballet and scenic costumes, gymnastic clothes, clothes for dancing or training and replicas of the folkloristic clothes.

All ingredients which are used in our Laboratory are passion and enthusiasm, innovative look at the art, love to the fashion and the highest quality of the materials for production.

The long term experience of our staff let us meet expectations even the most demanding clients.

We make standard costumes and realise orders according to established projects.

We offer also the wide range of tailor's services. Our cooperative was bailouted from the Labour Fund and thanks to this we have the modern and high quality equipment which we will use, with pleasure, dong your orders. We offer really low prices for the high quality products.

We warmly invite everyone to co-operate with us and take advantage of our offer: individual people, ballet and dancing schools, dancing and music centre groups, sports clubs, community centres and cheerleaders groups.

Taking up a cooperation with us you will help people, who are endangered by the social exception to come back to the normal life and work. "W & Team"is the social cooperative which promote the mental concept of the Corporate Social Responsibility so the business which is socially engaged.